Looking to reduce your heating and cooling costs? Replace your old wood windows with new, energy efficient windows and start saving now.

Old wood windows tend to be drafty, ill-fitting and require consistent maintenance. Replacement windows from John L. DiPanni, Inc utilize the latest in vinyl window technologies and manufacturing techniques to provide you with year-round comfort, modern looks and a no-maintenance finish.

All our windows are custom made to your openings, so you can be sure of a perfect fit each time. The sash and mainframe components are fusion-welded, ensuring a long-lasting, rugged window for those harsh New England winters. The sashes of the double-hung windows tilt in and in a horizontal sliding window the sashes lift out for easy cleaning from inside the home. All sashes, where possible, utilize double locks and ventilation limit latches for increased security.

Windows can be glazed with Low-E, Argon gas and Super Spacer for maximum thermal efficiency, and come in a host of colors and interior woodgrain laminates for those who desire a wood look without the associated maintenance.

Don’t wait while your heating and cooling dollars fly right out the window. Contact us today to get started!